His Garden Naturals Salon Services are now MOBILE! In Richmond, VA

Hire Me to Provide Personal Natural Hair Care Salon/Spa Concierge Services in the Convenience of Your Location!

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Our Commercial:

Miss Cee, your Formulator and Hair care Stylist of His Garden Naturals Salon Services-Freelance comes to you via appointment/availability. Concierge Services include: Natural Hair Care, Curl Sets, Hair Coloring, Extensions, Weaving, Braiding, Locs, Twists, Scalp Treatment and moreIn the process of growing my team to include: a Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Manicurist. 

Bringing professional salon services in the private space of your own home whether you’re a child, teen, adult, senior, elderly, with a disability or home-bound! for more info contact me AKA-Miss Cee (my salon name). His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon Services comes to you. You can receive a free consultation, make an appointment and/or order some of my new line of natural products for your hair and body. Often times, the stylist will work with a talented assistant to better serve you and provide quicker service for your hair care services/needs that take several hours to complete! His Garden Naturals is a Christian-based salon business and we serve all! Please read disclaimer before scheduling appointments!

Note: His Garden Naturals Mobile Salon/Spa has recently relocated from NY to Richmond V & Now Atlanta GA.

Group Services: available to provide mobile natural hair care services for groups of 3 or more… 

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Natural Hair Care Education

Sign up for my natural hair care & braiding courses in Smyrna GA soon...

More info coming soon…


Because God created everything for us to richly enjoy this line of products glorify Him. None of the ingredients came from us but from God’s Earth which is really His garden. God originally planted man in the garden along with fruits, vegetables, plants, trees, nuts & grains which produces: oils, juice, seeds, and food for our topical, medicinal and internal use. For these reasons, this product line is named, “His Garden Naturals”

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HIS GARDEN NATURALS PRODUCTS:  http://www.hisgardennaturals.com/

Here you can message me your desired service:


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