What Is Normal Hair Shedding?

HairTressFormation Corner:

Just starting to blog on this site as I have been doing in my Nurturenaturallybyc.com and Getylifeback.com blogs. Read below image…

Wanted to remind or inform some of you on normal shedding/growth of hair strands because I see uneducated/unlicensed or half-way informed stylists on YouTube sharing that people shed 10 to 15 hair strands daily. WRONG!!! According to the science I learned in cosmetology school. We are actually taught that we can normally shed/lose 50 to over 100 hair strands/follicles daily. So don’t panic if you have been wearing your hair in a protective style for a number of weeks/months and see a lot of hair that is lose and falling in your hands or comb/brush. If your hair is not damaged or broken from wrongful combing and brushing of especially, African-Americans/Africans with Kinky-Koily-super curly hair textures, then this lose hair is most likely, the hair that has been normally shedding daily and now let out or hair. Oh, BTW, I found a quick article to share with you on shedding of hair.

How many hair strands are lost daily/normally: https://www.healthline.com/…/how-much-hair-loss-is.

Later, I would like to gather my info and more info on how hormones can affect hair growth/loss/changes.